Hesketh Hubbard Art Society Annual Exhibition
at the Mall Galleries
July 2003
August 2004
July 2005
October 2006
July 2007

In 2006 I had a particularly delicate timing opportunity. As part of a larger project, working with photographer Robert Taylor, I was requested to paint the portrait of Tim Clark on 26th September. Tim was terminally ill with cancer, we talked about his plans for living and for dying. It was the most remarkable day for me, I was on a high for some time afterwards. Tim’s comment on his painting was “My first feelings were that I liked it. And then later it kind of settled in and gave me a jolt. It looks a bit scary, a bit skeletal. It’s a bit true.” Tim made it to the private view and we had a last hug in the middle of the gallery. Tim died peacefully on 9th November 2006. (Other lives obituary, The Guardian 28th November 2006)